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One person. A few minutes. Perfect Inventory Accuracy.

Enter the magical world of RFID Inventory Management with our complete solution

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  Save Time

Accurate inventory counts prevent overselling, stockouts & provide visibility to all on-hand items

  Boost Profitability

Better visibility promotes better decision making, which boosts sales & minimizes unnecessary costs

  Scale Operations

Real-time inventory visibility across all locations radically enhances logistics, sales & fulfillment processes 

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Does your business struggle with?

Poor Inventory Visibility

Painful Infrequent Audits 

Overselling Online

Searching For Items

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Inventory Auditing

Counting thousands of items per minute with over 99% accuracy allows for frequent audits with only one person

Label Designer

Clone your current labels to facilitate seamless adoption to RFID labels. Save your favorite designs & print easily

Automated Data Collection

Automatically collect real-time data via mounted fixed readers on-site or off-site

Mobile App

IOS & Android App provides a simple intuitive interface allowing users to perform all necessary functions

Calculate Reorder

With the min & max tool, identify when you are running low on stock & reorder exactly what you need

Search & Find

Audio & visual cues guide users to missing items quickly. Save time searching & rescue lost productivity & sales

Store Transfers

Track product movement across location easily by scanning at origin & destination

Integrated Printing

Connect, control & print to any RFiD printer connected to your account directly through our web interface


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More than just software...

We sell industry-leading RFID printers, readers, high-quality labels & tags. Because of this, we streamline & expedite the adoption of the technology for our clients.

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"Fully satisfied and 100% confident..... I have been able to streamline the operations of our organization using minimal features of the many offered. Amazing group of people to work with."

Sexy Modest Clothing

"...nothing but impressed. It has greatly improved our inventory visibility, our quality control & shipping accuracy. incredible product."

Head of RFID, LuLaRoe

"Love this app & the support behind it. Once tags are replaced with the RFID tags it takes minutes instead of days!! "

Double J Saddlery

"Literally changed our lives. We used to barcode with basic barcodes & still had issues. We switched to RFID & WOW. Some days I can't even believe this technology exists!"


I was able to observe the Simple RFID application in the real world & was extremely impressed.  The efficiency and accuracy of which this app provides is unmatched.  I have seen over 20 competitor software platforms and this is second to none.

Sanders S. Roth Inc.