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Table of Contents
a. Create New User and/or Edit Existing Users
b. Assign Roles
c. Create Custom Roles
a. Create New User and/or editing existing users
  • Under Users>User List/Set Permissions click “+” on the right hand side to begin creating a new user.

  • Next you must enter the email address of new user.
  • You will then be forwarded to the “Create a User” page which requires that you then enter the new user’s First & Last Name.  Here, a temporary password is generated by the system for the new user.  This email will automatically be emailed to the user upon completion of the user’s profile.
Mobile User
The First time Logging in the mobile user will be required to enter temporary Password, then enter New password and Repeat.  Next they will be required to accept terms and conditions check-box before logging in.
b. Assign Roles
  • Roles can be Web based, Mobile based, or both.  They may also be location specific.
  • An Administrator must simply click on the desired Roles which they wish to assign to the new user and click the “Assign” button at the bottom to apply these Roles.
c. Creating Custom Roles
  • To create a custom Role a user must first navigate to the Users>User List/Set Permissions>Roles tab.  On the right hand side of the screen you will see a “+” button.
  • Enter the Name of the new Role
  • Select the level of access you wish to grant to the new Role.  This includes Read Only, No Visibility to Page, or Read/Write.
  • Standard all locations Role or Restricted Location Based Role
  • If a new Role is location based it will only apply for the Supply Chain level it corresponds to.

When you return to Assign the user the new Role you will find it appear in the Assign Roles menu.  To apply this role to the user check the box next to the Location based role.  The user will then type in the name of the location.  When the name appears select it, then click “Add.”  After the location(s) have been selected click Apply at the bottom.