Vend is cloud-based point-of-sale and retail management software which allows retailers operate the in-store, online, and mobile components of their business. Platform users may set-up multiple “Outlets” (stores or distribution centers), then manage sales, products, inventory in and between these locations.

The Simple RFID integration allows Vend users integrate RFID technology throughout their business, quickly and seamlessly using the Simple RFID integration.

Via the integration Vend integration:

  • Products entered into Vend are copied to SImple RFID as a Vend user prints them. No need for duplicate entry. Enter Products into Vend, and you’re done.
  • Via the Vend integration, RFID labels can be printed/encoded on-demand directly through the software
  • Purchase Orders entered into Vend are automatically copied into SImple RFID. This makes tagging new product easy since the PO is often the file used to print RFID tags for new product. Simple RFID then automatically verifies the accuracy of each PO as it arrives using RFID
  • Transfer Orders entered into Vend are copied into SImple RFID. Vend users can verify the accuracy of both inbound and outbound Transfers using RFID
  • Rapidly compare your Vend inventory against your RFID counts to identify discrepancies. Then, easily sync adjusted quantities into Vend and track these edits.