Shopify is a web E-Commerce website builder and Point of Sale platform which allows merchants to control all aspects of their retail and webstores. Via Shopify’s vast ecosystem of Apps, features are extended to Shopify vendors, which provide integrated solutions for managing all aspects of your Shopify business, including marketing, design, promotions, and more.

The platform can now be configured for physical format retailers operating multiple locations, allowing these sellers the ability to manage product both from multiple physical stores, as well as virtually.

Simple RFID has developed an integrated plugin available now in the Shopify app store. The app, rich with features, creates a bridge between Shopify and Simple RFID, allowing Shopify users to quickly and easily integrate RFID into their existing business, via an integrated and embedded experience.

App Features

Using the SImple RFID integration Shopify vendors can:

  • Automatically Copy Products – Products are copied to SImple RFID as a Shopify users creates or edits them, via Webhooks. No need for duplicate entry. Enter Products into Shopify, and you’re done.
  • Print/Encode RFID Labels – RFID labels can be printed/encoded on-demand, directly through the Shopify plugin, at the touch of a button. Shopify vendors have several methods to generate print jobs including, automatic creation of print jobs via API, spreadsheet template-upload, as well as manually creating individual print jobs one-by-one.
  • Verify eOrders – Online Orders entered into Shopify are automatically copied into Simple RFID. This allows users to rapidly audit these orders for accuracy using RFID, without the need to open a box and inspect the contents.
  • Audit Inventory / Compare against Shopify / Sync Corrections – Utilizing RFID vendors are able to perform frequent inventory audits. Next, rapidly compare their Shopify inventory, against their Simple RFID inventory, to identify discrepancies. Finally, immediately sync adjusted quantities into Shopify, and track these edits.

Coming Soon for Shopify Users:

  • Print & Verify Purchase Orders – Purchase Orders entered into Shopify will be automatically copied into SImple RFID. This makes tagging new product easy, since the PO is often used to print RFID tags for new product. When the PO arrives, Simple RFID automatically verifies accuracy on a serial number level using RFID
  • Verify Transfer Orders – Transfer Orders entered into Shopify will be copied into SImple RFID. Shopify users will be able to verify the accuracy of both inbound and outbound Transfers using RFID