Simple RFID offers competitive pricing on RFID inventory systems and other products. Below is some basic information for our products and packages. Contact our office at 1-844-637-2464 for more details and to request a quote.



Basic Operation

Our Basic Operation package consists of the RFID tag reader for your use.

The Full Package

Our Full Package includes both the RFID reader and the printer to print out tags for your inventory.

Custom Setup

Our Custom Setup includes a full installation of hardware and software, as well as the RFID tag reader and printer. Depending on your needs, it may also include portals or antennae to read the RFID tags. The Custom Setup is often ideal for industrial needs.

Simple RFID Pricing

Simple RFID makes pricing simple with just one upfront investment and two monthly costs of service.


Hardware is purchased upfront as a one-time cost. Your business may begin with just a small hand-held reader and our printing services, or you may wish to manage your own printing process and purchase the hardware to do that.

Some of the hardware that is available for purchase includes:

  • RFID enabled desktop printer*
  • Bluetooth enabled RFID storefront reader
  • Private network components

*Printer output 2,500-3,000 labels per day


The initial tag purchase is necessary in order to tag existing inventory Ongoing tag costs are based on the volume of your inventory.


We offer a use-based utility model software that counts the total number of serial numbers scanned during a calendar month.