What is my investment?

To help determine which package is the best option for your business, ask yourself the following two questions:

  1. How many pieces in your inventory do you have on-hand?
  2. How many pieces would you need to restock each month?

These two questions will determine what package is most suited for your particular business’s needs.

Simple Purchase, Subscription, and Servicing

Our Subscription & Label Servicing plan provides a platform whereby small businesses may begin using RFID with the only the need for a handheld RFID reader which pairs with the customer’s Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.

The RFID Reader can be purchased outright, or can be leased as part of the monthly Subscription.

  • Purchase or Lease RFID Reader
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Order Tags through Simple RFID (printed/encoded and shipped right to you)

Customers of our Subscription & Servicing have access to support videos, email support, and FAQs section, however since Level 1 users only interface with the mobile Android and iOS Apps, (not fixed readers, networked printer, etc.) they do not have the option of LeveL 2 support.

SaaS & Consumables


Our SaaS pricing is based upon the number of unique items counted by the system during a calendar month.

These customers manage a networked RFID printer, allowing them to print anywhere anytime. They may also submit print jobs through our Label Servicing program to have their labels printed/encoded and shipped by a 3rd party.

Customers taking advantage of our SaaS and Supplies program also benefit from level 2 support, including live customer assistance based on submitted help tickets.

Consumables (RFID Labels and Ribbon)

We have various RFID enabled tags to fit any item big or small, from jewelry, to clothing and shoes, to medical supplies and industrial applications. We offer some of the most competitive tag pricing on the market.

SaaS & Consumables customers may also subscribe to our Auto-Order program to track label usage and automatically place an order for preset label quantities when levels meets customer reorder point.

Custom Software/Installation/Automation

Businesses who desire installed solutions including portals, fixed-mount antenna solutions, etc. may reach out directly for a quote. The software is configurable with many reader types and installation formats.

Custom hardware installations may range from from warehouse dock-door portals, automated pick conveyor