We offer the highest-quality, industry-standard RFID Tags and Ribbon. Our Supplies Auto-Order system tracks label consumption as print jobs are executed, then automatically places an order for tags when desired thresholds are met, including shipment tracking of these new labels.

To assist customers in managing their own program we have integrated two critical steps to help manage label consumption as well as distribute the workload, whenever possible, to a 3rd party to generate the labels.

Supplies (RFID tags and Ribbon)

To aid customers who own a printer and who must account for their remaining blank labels, we have developed our Auto-Order Supplies program. The program tracks customers label consumption, then auto-generates an order for the customer’s predetermined quantity when their “On-Hand Labels” level drops to this point. At this point an order is fulfilled, and a tracking number is generated when the shipping label is printed. Once the tracking status is Delivered, your “On-Hand” label quantity is increased by this new order.

Label Volume Buying Power

To offer the lowest price for blank RFID labels, we have established a list of standardized label types and sizes, consolidated for our customers, which allows us to offer the most popular labels at very competitive prices.

Of course, nearly any label size, type, and form factor can be created; however, should a customer wish to utilize a different label they are considered a custom tag. This requires the customer to be prepared to place a large minimum order quantity, as well as cover other ancillary costs including the label dye, etc.

Below is a list of our default adhesive tag types and sizes:

  • Servicing
    Customers wishing to outsource printing/encoding may submit jobs directly through the software where they are processed and shipped from one of our servicing facilities right to you. Turn around for most jobs is around 1 week.

    Types of tags: default tag sizes, for special tags prices may be more, Other tag applications: washable tags. Add images of different tags in comparison to a penny.

  • Washable Textile Tags
    For customers needing a “washable” textile tag we offer both sew-in and heat press options. These labels can be either permanently added to any textile needed to be tracked and washed, rated to withstand 200 commercial washes.

    These tags are applied using a heat seal machine and therefore don’t apply to the Supplies and Servicing sections.