We offer the highest-quality, “industry standard” RFiD Labels and Asset Tags.

Adhesive and Paper RFiD Labels

If you choose to print your own labels, it is critical that you account for your remaining blank labels to ensure that you never run out.

To aid you in this process we track your label consumption against your desired on-hand quantity. A notification is then auto-generated to inform you when this threshold is met, and an automated reorder can be placed.

Label Volume Buying Power

To offer the lowest prices for blank RFID labels, we have standardized the most common and popular labels. Of course, if one of them doesn’t work for you, nearly any label size and form factor can be found or created.

3rd Party Label Servicing

You may choose to have Simple RFID print and program your labels for you, by submitting jobs directly through the software where they are processed and shipped from one of our worldwide servicing facilities, right to you. Turnaround for most jobs is around 1 week.

Washable Textile Tags

For customers seeking a “washable” textile tag we offer both sew-in, and heat press options. These labels can be permanently added to any textile needed to be tracked and washed, and are rated to withstand 200 commercial washes.

Asset RFiD Tags

We offer a large selection of Asset RFID Tags to manage, count, track and identify nearly anything in the world.