Simple RFID‘s cloud solution streamlines and automates your inventory processes from beginning to end, all through our simple friendly interface.

Web Interface

Our web interface provides you access to your inventory data, anywhere there is an internet connection.


RFID’s unique ability to store item-level data provides you data details never before possible. For the first time you will have item-level detail which may include: expiration date, lot #, sell-by date, item cost, serial number, as well as product aging.


Via our APIs, integrations can be created with your other software platforms, establishing a seamless data flow and eliminating duplicate data entry.

Networked Devices

RFID printers and fixed RFID readers are connected to your account via our cloud private-network. The network provides visibility and control of all of your devices directly through the web.

Printing & Programming RFID Labels

RFID labels can be printed and programmed at the touch of a button. Print jobs can be cued up and printed directly through the web to any of your networked printers, anywhere in the world.

Label Editor

Via our integrated label editor, you can quickly and easily design labels which may be immediately used to used to print.

Integrated 3rd Party Printing

You may also choose to submit print requests through the software, to have us print and program labels for you. We can ship your labels anywhere in the world you need them.

GS1 and Closed Loop

Businesses selling products through retailers such as Walmart, Nordstrom, and Macy’s are required to use the GS1 “UPC” barcode format, as well as their RFID equivalent, the “SGTIN.” We streamline GS1 compliance providing you both.

Users & Access

Users can get granted location-based access to both the website and mobile applications. Locations may include Supplier, Distribution Center, and retail Store access. Retailers who take their product on-the-road can manage these traveling events (Roadshows, Trade shows, etc.) via our Mobile-Retailer access.

Android®️ and iOS®️ Apps

Our Android and iOS apps pair with several handheld RFID reader models, allowing you to collect and upload inventory data anywhere. The Android and iOS App offers an affordable way for new businesses just starting to use RFID to begin, with only the purchase a handheld RFID reader.

Windows®️ Tablet Application

Our Microsoft Windows tablet application can be configured with various fixed and mobile applications including; dock-door readers, fixed-mount antenna, order verification tunnels, and mobile applications.

These mobile applications include our Push Tower and Forklift Mount antenna options, which aid you in rapidly auditing inventory which is stored out of handheld reader-range, without the need to use ladders.


Our mobile apps aids you to rapidly locate missing items using our “Geiger Counter” Search/Find feature via audio and visual cues.

Order Verification

We assist you in verifying the accuracy of every order, shipping and receiving, including Purchase Orders, Transfer Orders, and Customer Orders. You’ll never again need to open a box or disassemble a pallet to be confident that each and every order is accurate.