We offer a simple, comprehensive cloud-based solution for managing the various inventory management processes, from beginning to end, from printing RFID tags–to reading and syncing inventory, all in one friendly interface.

Simple RFID had developed a simple end-to-end inventory management solution which includes:

Web Console

Via the Web Console Administrators have the ability to map their complete Supply Chain including Suppliers, Distribution Centers, Stores, and temporary locations or “Shows,” then trace their product by serial number from location to location, validating movement at each step.

Networked Devices

Web connectivity to all devices including RFID printers and readers allows for greater visibility and control.


Integrations with over 40 E-Commerce, Point of Sale (POS), Marketplaces, and Shipping Management software platforms, you can now integrate RFID into your software ecosystem.

Simple Label Editor

We have developed an integrated label editor which allows you to quickly and easily design your products’ labels. Add any property from your Product Catalog including name, SKU, description, generates native code for your Zebra printer. These web-generated labels can then be uploaded to your printer for immediate use.

Simple Label Servicing

To make the process of submitting streamline the label servicing submission process businesses may submit servicing orders in the same way they execute their own print jobs, simply changing the print method.

GS1 open loop and closed loop schema

If your business sells product through many big Box retailers including Walmart, Amazon, Macy’s, and more you will be required to use the UPC barcode. For these vendors we program the RFID equivalent to the UPC called the SGTIN into the RFID tag, allowing these retailers to utilize your RFID tag internally.

Simple Printing/Encoding

Then RFID labels can be printed and encoded at the touch of a button. This network allows users to cue up, as well as execute jobs on printers located anywhere in the world


Web: Admin & General Users. Administrators have the ability to change settings including Supplies Order Settings, Connections, Users/Permissions, where General Users are only able to perform tasks.

Mobile Users

Mobile Users are able to be assigned to both a location(s) such as a supplier, distribution center, and stores; and show where they are able to perform any needed inventory task

Mobile – Android®️ and iOS®️ Apps

Our Android and iOS apps configure with four handheld RFID reader models; Mini, IRON, Storefront, and Warehouse readers.

Mobile – Windows®️ Tablet Application

Able to be utilized with either of our antenna configurations; our Push Tower, and our Forklift Mount, our Windows®️ Tablet Application allows businesses to rapidly audit inventory stored up high without the use of ladders, etc. using multiple high powered antenna in a single unit.

Inventory Auditing

Customers may collect RFID data via several methods including fixed installations which include dock door and retail store portals, real-time data streaming, mobile Push Tower and Forklift Mount readers, and handheld readers.

For the first time you will have item-level detail for properties which include: expiration date, lot #, sell-by date, and cost as well as product aging.


Our mobile Apps allow users to locate missing items using our “Geiger Counter” Search/Find feature. Users can be guided to missing items rapidly via audio and visual cues.

Encode Tags

Other Software Features?

Purchase Order Creation and Auditing

Order Verification

Each order leaving your location can be audited for accuracy, without the need to open a box or disassemble a pallet. You can be confident each and every order leaving your location is verified accurate.

Show Management

Many Vendors operate mobile shows (Roadshows, Trade Shows, etc.) where tracking roving inventory is critical. This format is difficult because your inventory is always in transit. Simple RFID addresses this by creating our Show Management tool. The platform allows your business to subscribe to a public list of retailers (i.e. Costco Wholesale®️, Sam’s Club®️, Home Depot®️, and more) where you are then able to schedule “shows” and route and track your inventory.