We provide RFID industry standard hardware from RFID readers to printers, with options tailored to companies of all sizes. Hardware is connected directly through the web, allowing for web-based control and visibility to all of your networked devices.

All hardware devices are integrated with our private network allowing you to add any configuration to business rapidly.

We will want images of iPhone, Android with screenshots of app

Handheld Readers (Powered by Android and iOS)

  • Mini
  • ID
  • Storefront
  • Warehouse

Microsoft Tablet Reader Options (Powered by Microsoft) we will want a tablet image with screenshot of app.

  • Forklift Mount (maybe renderings?)
  • Push Tower (maybe renderings?)

Fixed/Mounted (operate our private network) some which include:

  • Warehouse Dock Door Readers
  • Retail Storefront Portals
  • Roof Mounted
  • IoT-POS Streaming Service

Networked Printers (operate via a Microsoft tablet)

  • Desktop
  • Warehouse
  • Industrial