A complete RFID system must contain the following components:

  • Software
  • RFID reader
  • RFID tags

The Simple RFID solution includes all three components, tailored to businesses both large and small. No need to patch together a home-grown system; we provide a complete RFID toolset.


The Simple RFID software is cloud-based and utilizes Android, iOS, and Windows applications to collect RFID data. Our simple, powerful system allows rapid setup and deployment of RFID printers and readers anywhere in the world, ensuring seamless implementation of RFID for your business.

Via our API, we share data between Simple RFID and Partner software platforms. We have integrations with over 40 leading eCommerce, Point of Sale (P.O.S.), Enterprise Resource Planning (E.R.P.), Order Fulfillment, and online marketplaces, allowing you to begin using RFID immediately within your existing software ecosystem.

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We offer industry-leading hardware from providers including Zebra, Impinj, TSL, and CAEN RFID with solutions tailored to businesses of all sizes.

Start-up businesses can begin using RFID with as little as a handheld reader that pairs with an Android or iOS device to collect and upload the data.

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We offer affordable, high-quality, industry-standard RFID tags.

By streamlining our label selection, we are able to purchase at volume discounts, allowing us to offer RFID tags at prices that even the smallest business can afford.

We assist customers who print their own RFID tags, track their available “blank-labels,” then automatically reorder when stock reaches their predetermined reorder point.

Customers wishing to have their RFID labels printed for them may submit Label Servicing requests directly through the software for ready-to-apply RFID labels that can be shipped directly to you anywhere in the world.

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