Posted ., an ecommerce “flash sale” site, has grown over the years to become one of the most popular daily deals sites online. Started in 2011 by Mike McEwan who saw others attempting the daily deals model, and he understood how it could be improved.

The company grew rapidly since inception and has literally helped create companies, known as Jane Sellers, seemingly overnight.

As these Sellers grow, often times from a home-based business, to a legitimate companies selling millions of dollars of product each year, many struggled to find a solution for the unique inventory challenges of being a Jane Seller.

For example, since Jane is able to generate such incredible sales so rapidly, they require that Sellers set reserves on products which will be for sale on Jane. This requires that a person hand-count, then set aside the products designated for the Jane sale until the sale’s completion. Then the remaining product that did not sale during the flash sale must be counted and merged back into the Sellers “live” inventory. This has prompted Sellers to hire employees dedicated to counting product.

And as Sellers grew these inventory challenges grew with them. This prompted VP of Business Development, Craig Cleveland, to begin searching for a solution to allow the Jane sellers a better system.

After some searching Craig was introduced to SImple RFID and saw the benefit that RFID would bring to these Sellers.

Simple RFID, a RFID solutions provider, also based in the Silicon Slopes area of Utah’s vibrant tech community, provides a unique benefit to Jane Sellers.

What is RFID?

At this point you may be asking yourself, what is RFID? RFID is a technology which allows Sellers to print stickers for their product which contain a microchip and antenna. While the sticker is being printed (with Name, Price, Barcode, Size, Color, etc.), the microchip is programmed with a unique serial number.

Simply applying these RFID stickers to a Sellers inventory brings incredible benefits. Product tagged with RFID tags is able to read, without being seen, meaning you can count product inside boxes. And rapidly at a rate of 100’s of items per second. At over 99% accuracy Sellers are able to count their entire inventory in minutes.