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Table of Contents

  1. Adding a single Showa. Locate the Schedule a Show linkb. Enter the required fields & Save
  2. Bulk-Upload Show/Event(s)a. Locate the Show Uploaderb. Excel Bulk-Uploader
    c. Upload Saved Excel Spreadsheet
    d. New Shows are Displayed


b. Enter the Required fields & Save.

2. Bulk-Upload Show/Event(s)
a. Locate the Show Uploader
To Bulk-Upload a large list of Shows you must go to Supply Chain>Shows
Click on the “Get Template” link to download the Bulk-Uploader

b. Excel Bulk Uploader

  • This will download an Excel spreadsheet which must be mapped, saved, and uploaded.
  • Information must be entered into this spreadsheet:WHS – is Warehouse #
    Rating – can be A-F (not required)
    Staffed By – to include the Staffing Company name (not required)
    Start Date / End Date
    Type – is your Campaign
    Show Name – If left blank will auto-generate the name
    Retailer – Name of Retailer

c. Upload Saved Excel Spreadsheet

  • Once this spreadsheet is completed with all required fields you will Save it on your computer.
  • Next you will log back in to Merchmanager and return to the Upload Page.  After the user clicks on the “Upload” link a pop-up window will appear allowing you to select the proper file from your computer.

  • Locate and Open the correct file

  • After clicking Open the user will see the fite that they have uploaded to the right of “Choose File”
  • The user will then click “OK.”

d. New Shows are Displayed

  • After clicking “OK” a progress bar will display the progress of the Upload.
  • If the file is uploaded successfully you will see a notification message informing the user that it was uploaded successfully.
  • The new Show(s) will now appear on the Shows list.