Web User – Create new user, Assign Roles & Permissions/General or Location Specific

Table of Contents a. Create New User and/or Edit Existing Users b. Assign Roles c. Create Custom Roles __________________________________________________________________ a. Create New User and/or editing existing users Under Users>User List/Set Permissions click "+" on the right hand side to begin creating a new user. Next you must enter the email address of new user.... Read more »

Reorder Threshold Templates and Automated Reordering

The purpose of this feature is to allow users to quickly generate In-Stock threshold templates. These templates may be loaded into a Supply Chain location where the Template created is paired against against their current RFID inventory stock levels.  Orders can then be placed automatically containing the difference, or a... Read more »

Mobile App: Scan

Table of Contents Starting Scan Session Bluetooth Pairing Confirm Successful Pairing Scan Session Types Auto-Repeat Session _________________________________________________________________________ This manual pre-supposes that the User has logged in successfully to the App, as well as accessed the correct location.  The user will know when they have arrived to the Home Screen of their... Read more »

Consignment Retailer – Creating a Mobile Show/Event

Table of Contents Adding a single Showa. Locate the Schedule a Show linkb. Enter the required fields & Save Bulk-Upload Show/Event(s)a. Locate the Show Uploaderb. Excel Bulk-Uploader c. Upload Saved Excel Spreadsheet d. New Shows are Displayed   b. Enter the Required fields & Save. 2. Bulk-Upload Show/Event(s) a. Locate... Read more »

Open Loop or Closed Loop…Which schema is right for my company?

A common question people ask is "Should I use an Open Loop or Closed Loop format when encoding data into my tags?" First, let's clarify what Open Loop and Closed Loop systems are, then discuss when each should be employed. Data in Open Loop systems must be encoded into the tag in... Read more »

Android App: Install and Uninstall App