BigCommerce is a cloud e-store builder which allows web merchants to manage their complete eStore including; adding products, uploading photos, processing orders, and more.

Via the Bigcommerce App Store, users are able to extend features via 3rd party apps. Simple RFID has created and deployed our integration plugin inside of this App Store providing Bigcommerce users an integrated and embedded experience.

The plugin allows Bigcommerce sellers utilize RFID technology for the first time ever to:

  • Automatically Copy Products – Products are copied to SImple RFID as a Bigcommerce users creates or edits them via Webhooks. No need for duplicate entry. Enter Products into Bigcommerce, and you’re done.
  • Print/Encode RFID Labels – RFID labels can be printed/encoded on-demand, directly through the software
  • Verify eOrders – Online Orders placed into Bigcommerce are automatically copied into Simple RFID. Operators are then able to rapidly audit the accuracy of each order, without the need to open a box and inspect the contents, using RFID
  • Audit Inventory / Compare against Bigcommerce / Sync Corrections – Rapidly compare your Bigcommerce inventory against your Simple RFID inventory to identify discrepancies. Then, easily sync adjusted quantities into Bigcommerce and track these edits.