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Bigcommerce Vendors have long been searching for a solution to their inventory challenges. These vendors have faced challenges unique to eBusinesses, where selection is king, and in the virtual world where product you don’t physically have can technically be sold, it presents a substantial challenge for these eTailers who operate these broad SKU based inventories, where each SKU is shallow and therefore eTailers may only have one or two of a given SKU available at any given time.

Winning the online sales game means that your Bigcommerce inventory must be fresh, counting your entire inventory daily or at minimum weekly. You just can’t win using old inventory methods. Solving this critical piece is one of the most critical components to an eTailer success today.

Necessity, the Mother of Invention

Many solutions have existed in the market attempting to solve these chellenages and guide Bigcommerce vendors to inventory mastery. Yet, most software solutions have been developed utilizing the same inventory input method–barcodes.

Barcodes are great, for what they were developed. And as most things, they were developed out of necessity. In 1948 a young college student at Drexel overheard a professor and the president of a local food chain having a conversation. The company president was trying to solve a problem. He wanted a way for items to be automatically scanned at the register using an electronic machine, to speed up the check-out process and prevent the many errors made by cashiers as they keyed in each item’s product ID by hand. Prior to the barcode cashiers had to be competent and fast to manage The barcode was a giant leap forward for grocery check-out. Items could rapidly and accurately be scanned one-at-a-time.

But it wasn’t ever designed for inventory management tasks. Of performing inventory audits on thousands of items. Of confirming Purchase Orders. Of auditing outbound Customer Orders. A transactional tool just isn’t the right tool for the job. And if you don’t know how important the right tool for the job is, next time you have soup, trying eating it with a shovel. The right tool for the job makes the job easy.

The Right Tool for the Right Job

To properly execute these inventory management functions the proper tool would be needed to make these current labor intensive, backbreaking tasks, easy.

For decades the acronym RFID has existed. In fact in 1983 Charles Walton was the first to submit a patent using the term “RFID.” But the technology seemed too good to be true.

What is RFID?
RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. It is technology which allows you to tag any physical item with a microchip and antenna, and then read and identify this physical object from a distance, even if the item is not in sight. It is transforming each piece of you inventory into individual sensors. The technology allows you to perform tasks normally requiring many people hours or even days or weeks, into a task taking only minutes.

Bigcommerce and Simple RFID = Perfect Online Inventory

Imagine if you could count your entire online inventory daily. And if then you were able to immediately compare that real-time, accurate inventory against your current Bigcommerce inventory? Well you can.

Case Study

Simple RFID has developed an app to help Bigcommerce vendors solve this consistent challenge.

We will now hightlight two Bigcommerce Vendors who use Simple RFID’s plugin with their Bigcommerce eStore to directly solve the unique challenges of 2 Bigcommerce Vendors we will highlight.

Mardo Cigars

Mardo Cigars, a specialty cigar retailer with over 5,000 SKUs faced the challenge of a huge number of variants. Operating both physical storefronts in Laguna Niguel California and Sarasota Florida, as well as a national e-commerce push, Mardo knew that effective omnichannel inventory would only work if they had real-time inventory.

These inventory challenges let Co-owner Neil Garcia to search for a solution. Needing a solution to help manage inventory, Mardo also was able to leverage RFID’s ability to embed product specific data into each tag, allowing them to store product age, expiration date, and properties like cost.

The Simple RFID integration allows Mardo to rapidly collect inventory data, compare it against their current Bigcommerce Inventory, and then sync this fresh data back to Bigcommerce, ensuring Mardo Cigars maintains precision accuracy of their inventory.

Lash Stuff

Jess Phillips, Co-owner of Lash Stuff knew his team dreaded inventory audits. His company Lash Stuff is one of largest online eyelash distributors in the world. His customer’s buy supplies wholesales to service their clients. “Our product is a must have, not a want to have for our customers” said Phillips. And with their massive selection of SKUs, with little inventory depth, these audits could last weeks, and was a painful experience for all. Jess had heard of RFID technology and knew of its potential which set him on his search to solve his inventory woes.

Also, due to the complexity of SKUs, combined with the similarity of product, Lash Stuff consistently saw errors in customer orders. Using the Bigcommerce and Simple RFID integration, Lash Stuff now able to audit customer orders for accuracy prior to shipping. And since RFID does not need to “see” a product to read and identify it, staff can rapidly audit each order using RFID, by simply waving the reader on the outside of box to verify the order’s accuracy.


We are excited about our new integration with Bigcommerce Vendors. The integration allows vendors a complete RFID toolset tightly integrated with Bigcommerce including; RFID printing, Inventory Auditing and Syncing, Purchase Order verification, Customer Order verification, and using the RFID reader to search and locate missing items.

Make your Bigcommerce inventory real-time today with SImple RFID.