Powerful Cloud-Based RFiD Asset Management

AssetRF helps manage and control the movement of all of your valuable assets–anywhere in the world via RFID. Data collection can be automated by installing readers and antennas, or businesses may choose handheld readers for remote data collection. The solution combines industry-leading hardware and best-in-class asset tags to cover any use case.

  • Trace and Verify Movement – Rapidly verify the movement of assets for accuracy both inside of a facility as well as between facilities.
  • Know Who Has What – Manage asset control via user management. Users can use RF wristbands or RF badges to connect operators with actions and assets.
  • Asset Serialization – Manage each with their own serial number. Store files, photos, and data specific to each asset including age, cost, expiration date, and more.
  • Check-in / Check-out – Manage asset allocation and always know who has what.
  • Never Lose An Asset – Locate missing assets quickly using RFIDs “Geiger Counter” which helps guide an operator to missing items rapidly, via audio and visual cues.
IT Infrastructure
Office Equipment
Medical Supplies
Tools & Supply Closets


Integrations allow for seamless transmission of data between Simple RFID and your Partner Software.

Companies that require custom data flow can utilize our API and write their own integrations, or we can use your API and write one.
Asset details entered into your partner software are automatically copied to Simple RFID eliminating duplicate input.
Compare fresh RFID counts against published inventory levels in your partner system. Quickly identify discrepancies and make corrections.
Transfer Orders entered into a partner platform are copied to Simple RFID to be audited for accuracy using RFID. The partner system’s status can then be updated with the received order.

Key Software Features

RF Hardware

Handheld RFID Readers for Mobile Data Collection

Our handheld RFID readers connect to any Android or iOS smartphone or tablet app via Bluetooth to collect and upload RFID data remotely, anywhere in the world where there is internet connectivity.

Cloud RF Data Collection

RF Data can be streamed or requested via scheduler or on-demand. This data can be acquired via fixed readers or portal/gateway readers.

Smart Locations (Shelving, Displays, Kiosks, and Storerooms)
Businesses operating unmanned locations who wish to collect real-time data from this area may choose our “Smart” Locations (Shelving, Displays, Kiosks, & Storerooms) which provides an autonomous collection of inventory data real-time, via a scheduler, or generated on demand via fixed or gateway readers.

Fixed Installations
Businesses wishing to collect inventory data autonomously over a large area we offer fixed installations. Data can be collected in real-time, via a scheduler, or on-demand.

Portals & Gateway Readers

  • Continuous, Hands-free Monitoring
  • Installs overhead or on walls to automatically monitor items for always-on connectivity 
  • Real-Time Item Identification and Movement 
  • Monitor inventory and track item movement 
  • Plug and Play 
  • Integrated system streamlines the deployment process and minimizes installation costs
  • Designed to blend into any décor 
  • Operating modes enable a majority of use cases without requiring customization

RF Tags

We offer a wide selection of RF Tags to cover any use case. Below we have listed our most popular sizes and styles. We stock many other sizes that are not listed below. If the needed size or form factor has not yet been created we can design, create, and print customized labels and tags.

Monthly Software Pricing

Monthly Software Service & Support Charges are based upon the number of unique serial numbers managed by the system in the month. This total includes printed and scanned items. Each item counted is only counted once regardless of how many times it is scanned.

0-2.5k items

  • 0-2,500 items
  • Unlimited Users
  • Open API
  • Unlimited Locations

2.5k-5k items

  • 2,501-5,000 items
  • Unlimited Users
  • Open API
  • Unlimited Locations

5k-10k items

  • 5,001-10,000 items
  • Unlimited Users
  • Open API
  • Unlimited Locations