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Does your business struggle with:

Poor Inventory Visibility

Is it difficult to track inventory volume & movement in-store or across multiple locations?

Infrequent Audits

Are audits rare & difficult to accomplish, requiring extra employees & late hours?

Searching For Items

Do employees waste precious time looking for missing items on a daily basis?

Handheld RFID Reader

Benefits of Our Complete Solution

search & find

mobile app

label designer

inventory auditing

integrated printing

Dental RFID Label Tag

More than just software

We sell industry-leading RFID printers, readers & high-quality labels & tags. Because of this, we streamline & expedite the adoption of the technology for our clients so they can benefit as quickly as possible.

Dental RFID Label Tag

Deploy Our RFID Program in 3 Simple Steps!

Step 1

Schedule a Consultation

Schedule time to discuss your RFID goals and objectives

Step 2

Order Hardware & Labels

Connect your printer to begin printing & tagging.

Step 3

Enjoy the Benefits of RFID

Leverage real-time inventory data to transform sales & operations.

Simple RFID Shopify App

RFID Integrations

Copy Product Info

Compare RFID Counts

Sync Inventory

Leverage the magic of RFID & transform your inventory management forever.

Simple RFID Handheld Reader

Trusted by companies all around the globe

Save Time

Accurate inventory counts prevent overselling, stockouts & provide visibility to all on-hand items.

Boost Profitability

Better visibility promotes better decision making, boosting sales & minimizing unnecessary costs.

Scale Operations

Real-time visibility across all locations radically enhances logistics, sales & fulfillment processes.

How it Works

PGA Pro Craig Hocknull

Discover How PGA Pro Craig Hocknull Has Utilized the Simple RFID Solution!

What Our Customers Are Saying

“We used to spend 4 hrs doing inventory & now it only takes 15 mins! It is so efficient, makes auditing easy & it has helped with ordering.”

James | Sand Hollow Resort

“Simple RFID help us realize how overstocked we are on items & understocked on others. We will easily save over $10-$20k this year…It’s a lifesaver. I used to have 12 pants in a size we never sell.. our point of sale system count was off so bad.”

Chris | The Kater Shop

“Fully satisfied & 100% confident… I have been able to streamline the operations of our organization … Amazing group of people to work with.”

Jesse | Sexy Modest Clothing

“Love this app & the support behind it. Once tags are replaced with the RFID tags it takes minutes instead of days!”

Cody | Double J Saddlery

“Literally changed our lives. We used to barcode with basic barcodes & still had issues. We switched to RFID & WOW! Some days I can’t even believe this technology exists!”

Sammy | Shoetopia

“…nothing but impressed. It has greatly improved our inventory visibility, quality control & shipping accuracy. Incredible product!”

Tyson | Lula Roe

Technology Partners

Zebra Technologies
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Impinj RFID
TSL Technology Solutions
GS1 Global

Leverage the magic of RFID & transform your inventory management forever.

Simple RFID Handheld Reader

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