Account Set-Up

1. Adding/Editing Supply Chain Locations

Learn how to create or edit a new Supply Chain location including Supplier, Distribution Center, or Store.


2. Adding Users & Assigning Permissions

Learn how to create new Users, and Assign Permissions.  Learn how to create custom Roles.


3. Adding and Editing Products and SKUs

Learn how to create new products/SKUs, as well as edit them.


4. Create Purchase Order and Confirm Receipt

Learn how to create inbound purchase order and use RFID to confirm receipt once the items are delivered.


5. Printing/Encoding RFID Tags

Learn how to print/encode RFID tags, as well as generate files for 3rd parties to print.


6. Performing Inventory Audits

Learn how to audit your inventory using RFID.


7. Create an Inventory Safety Net 

Learn how to create a template for a set minimum number of items you would like to have in your warehouse and create purchase orders when the items drop below the minimum desired number.

Coming Soon:

8. Create Customer Orders and Verify Accuracy

Learn how to create outbound customer orders and verify the accuracy of the order using RFID.


9. Additional App Features

Learn how to utilize other app features including searching and locating product using RFID as well as using the hand-held reader to encode an RFID tag.