To facilitate businesses in their printing demands,  Simple RFID provides an integrated Print Job submission system.  Businesses may generate and submit service requests, in the same way you would submit to your own printer.
Once submitted jobs are routed to our nearest service center which encodes/prints the labels, then ships them to where you need in just days.  We have service centers throughout the world including China, India, Guatemala, United States, and Brazil helping minimize taxes and shipping.   Companies who source goods from varied locations benefit by items arriving pre-tagged, allowing you to automatically verify the accuracy of each order.
Small companies who aren’t yet ready to make the commitment to own a printer and manage the printing process themselves are able to take advantage of our encoding and printing services and begin to utilize RFID’s incredible benefits with only the small upfront investment of an RFID reader.
The process is simple.  After generating a print job, you simply select the location you wish to have the tags shipped, date the tags must arrive by, contact name and number, and finally a credit credit card.  After the order is placed, a tracking number is automatically generated, allowing you to track the delivery of your labels the entire way.
Pricing start at just 15 cents, and contract volume-based pricing is available for those who qualify.  
Large retailers with multiple suppliers greatly benefit from this service by streamlining the tag distribution network, ensuring that all items arrive pre-tagged, automating receiving.  Small retailers benefit by now being able to use RFID with little upfront cost.