Shopify App

Introducing the Simple RFID Shopify App, available now in the Shopify App Store.

Bringing RFID technology to Shopify Sellers, the Simple RFID App delivers an embedded tool for Shopify sellers looking to leverage RFID technology.  Using the integration Shopify sellers can:

  • Copy products from your Shopify store into Simple RFID.
  • Copy orders from your Shopify store into Simple RFID to audit orders for accuracy using RFID.
  • Compare your Shopify and Simple RFID inventories to identify inflated and deflated points.  Then sync fresh inventory data into Shopify to correct these inaccuracies.
  • Print/Encode RFID tags directly through the App.
  • View and manage your complete Shopify product list including; ability to enable inventory tracking, disable/enable products for sale, hyperlinks to products and variants allows for rapid editing, and manually copy products to Simple RFID.


Coming soon:  Shopify POS multi-location inventory sync, product transfer, and purchase order creation.

We can build an integration for just about any platform. Contact us about an integration for your current platform. During development, the stand-alone software can create uploadable files for your platform.