• Must be read manually, one at a time.
  • Scanners must have “line of sight” and be aligned correctly to read a barcode.
  • Tags can be scanned twice, or missed completely.
  • Doesn’t differentiate between two of the same product.
  • Tags can’t be edited but must be reprinted and replaced.
  •  Unable to be read if image is damaged or printed poorly.
  • Much easier to reproduce or counterfeit.


Rfid TagsRFID Tags

  • Hundreds per second can be read simultaneously.
  • Do not require “line of sight.”
  • Have a serialized sensor for each item in your RFID inventory.
  • Tags can be read, written to, and re-written/modified.
  • Discreet and able to be embedded into packaging.
  • Accepted by banks as a valid form of inventory accounting.
  • Can be searched for via audio and visual cues.