Integration Application ( Integrate RFID )

Maximizing your Inventory management system Puzzle Various platforms are designed to help manage business inventories.  These include; ecommerce, Point of Sale (PoS), WMS, ERP, Accounting, B.I. and many others.  These systems rely on accurate inventory data to perform optimally.  This means garbage in = garbage out.  Stale and inaccurate inventory data leads to poor decisions, and ultimately your inventory software is far less effective. In today’s world of innovation, smart companies are searching for ways to enhance their customer’s experience with strategic partners.  Via integrations these platforms provide their customers with additional features, embedded into their native system.  Simple.RFID offers a Integration Partner program and a software extension called our Integration Application or Integrate RFID.  Benefits to our partners include an additional revenue stream, new enhancements to their own product making it stickier, cutting edge technology, and happier clients. The Integration Application extends the benefits and features of simple.RFID, embedding key functions into a partner’s existing software system, allowing them to leverage the benefits of simple.RFID within their current software platform.


APIs RESTful JSON APIs allow us create tools customized to your business’s needs. All custom integration projects are preceded by a “scope” research process to help identify the customers unique challenges and needs.  We are then able to craft a solution and proposal to best meet these needs.   The application can be used as middleware, or a stand-alone, end-to-end integrate RFID system, depending on the client’s individual needs.


Webhook We have recently added custom webhooks to our Integration Application (Integrate RFID).  These Webhooks allow for near real-time updating of elements between partner systems, allows for a more seamless customer experience.

Current Integrations

Big Commerce We continue seeking value-added integration partners who desire to add this incredible new technology to their platform.