• Quick, Easy, Accurate Inventories – Counts 100s of items per second. Does not require direct line-of-sight for scanner to “see” tags items to be read (can read product through boxes). Over 99% accuracy.
  • No more physical audits – You can now self-manage your inventory and perform daily counts of your entire stock. This ensures that your Ecommerce, Point of Sale, or other inventory system is accurate each day with actual product counts. No more paying outside companies to perform these audits, or tying up company resources to do these internally.
  • Reduction of Stock-outs – With this enhanced item-level inventory view stock-outs are greatly reduced. Real-time visibility to what items are lowest in inventory allows for more proactive replenishment decisions ensuring you have what you need-when you need it.
  • Reduction of shrink – This new microscopic daily view of inventory provides visibility to shrink in real-time allowing you to isolate how, what, when, and where product is going missing.
  • Targeted Ordering – By knowing exactly what is in inventory you are able to make more intelligent ordering decisions. Gone are the days of placing an order for items you believe are needed, only later to learn that you now have excess, ultimately tying up critical resources with unneeded stock.
  • Search for missing items – Missing something from your inventory that you know you have? Users can employ their scanner similar to a Geiger Counter to search for and locate missing items.
  • Manage Returns – Keep a clear line between Sellable vs. Nonsellable product to inventory levels precise.
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