BigCommerce Inventory Management Integration App

Simple RFID has created an app that users can use to integrate with BigCommerce. This allows the Simple RFID software to copy all products from BigCommerce and eliminates the need to either create the products one-by-one in our software or upload a spreadsheet to create the products. The app also allows our software to gather order information so that you can verify every order ensuring 100% order accuracy. You can also print the required tags directly from BigCommerce. When an audit is completed and uploaded to the web, you will see the differences between actual inventory and what is listed in your BigCommerce store and choose which SKUs and how many you want to sync over. This means that you can have fresh, accurate inventory counts every day and not have to worry about stock-outs or not listing items that you have.

The Simple RFID BigCommerce app allows you to:

  • Sync Product Libraries
  • Print Product Tags
  • Sync Inventories
  • Sync Order information
  • Verify Order Accuracy

We can build an integration for just about any platform. Contact us about an integration for your current platform. During development, the stand-alone software can create uploadable files for your platform.