Count Your Entire Inventory in Minutes With Simple RFID

About Simple RFID’s Inventory Management Software

What is RFID?

RFID technology is NOT like barcodes or QR Codes, which are counted one at a time. RFID uses labels which appear to be a typical sticker at first glance.  But, you will notice a small microchip and antenna embedded inside the paper.  As the tag is being printed, the microchip is programmed. This allows the tags to be read and counted without being seen–even while inside boxes!


How Does RFID Help You Manage Inventory?

Inventory Management – Turn hours of work in to minutes. One person can count over 50,000 products in 30 minutes with over 99% accuracy.

Order Confirmation & Verification – Purchase Orders shipped from Suppliers can almost instantly be counted and verified at the item level, and customer Orders which are shipping out can be audited for accuracy without the need to open each box.

Locate – Missing product can be located using RFID’s “Geiger Counter” feature.  Operators can be guided to missing product rapidly through audio and visual cues.

How Will Simple RFID Help You?

Our Inventory Management Software integrates endpoints such as:

Product Creation – Automatically copy product entered into another system into Simple RFID

Purchase Orders – Automatically generate Purchase Orders which are entered into another system into Simple RFID to allow tags to be printed for newly purchased good

eOrders – Auto generate eOrders which allow eSellers to verify the accuracy of these customer orders

Inventory – Identify inflated and deflated inventory points in a partner system, then sync over adjusted quantities

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