Inventory Management

Save 100's of Hours on Inventory Audits

Simple RFID™'s hardware allows you to instantly read every item with an RFID tag in a 14-30 ft radius. This cuts your audit time from hours to minutes.

Integrate With Your Platforms

Simple RFID™'s software integrates directly into any platform including eCommerce platforms. This allows you to have near real-time inventory.

Save Thousands on Order Corrections

Verify each order with complete confidence without ever opening a box. RFID chips and scanners offer over 99% accuracy

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, and is technology which allows for the wireless identification of physical items. It allows for near real-time inventory data collection, only recently feasible. This real-time inventory insight will impact every element of your business. Rfid inventory software allows: – Ability to count hundreds of items per-second – Read accuracy of over 99% – No need for line-of-sight to count products as is the case with Barcodes.
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Ask yourself the following questions:

  • When you receive Purchase Orders, are you certain that you have received 100% of your ordered items?
  • Are you able to track production issues back to the factory that produced the item?
  • How frequently do you perform physical audits?
  • Do your physical audits correspond with the rfid inventory numbers in your rfid inventory management software?
  • Would near real-time visibility with near perfect accuracy of your rfid inventory tracking system influence your buying and selling decisions?
  • When shipping orders is each order being verified for accuracy?
  • Do you sell your product on multiple platforms simultaneously?

Our platform is completely cloud-based. We also employ the highest security protocol available. Mobile means our mobile readers run through apps on both Android and Apple (iOS) platforms. Additionally, our extranet allows for mobile printing and encoding without the need to install any software or access a local network. This same extranet also allows for quick deployment of fixed/portal readers. We pride ourselves on our mobile rfid tracking system being simple and extensible. We can grow as fast as you need us to. Our simple web- and app-based approach means we can deploy in days.

Reads tags fast! Over 100 rfid tags for inventory per second can be read simultaneously. No need to know the direction products are sitting inside boxes. The only requirement is the item is in read range. RFID inventory management provides the unique benefit of not needing line-of-sight.

RFID and inventory management provides a serialized sensor for each item in your inventory. These systems can essentially run completely automated once they are set-up. RFID inventory tags can be read, written to, modified and updated.Discreet and able to be embedded into packaging to provide an extremely reliable enclosure. Serialized data can be traced throughout its entire supply chain life or “genealogical record”. These serial numbers create a new way of viewing inventory data. Reader can search for and locate tagged items via audio and visual queues from your smart-device. This literally allows a user to find a “needle in a haystack.”

Tags can only be read manually, one at a time. Scanner must physically read each bar code directly. Additionally, the tag must be aligned correctly with the reader.

Time Consuming—the process of utilizing bar code technology for auditing inventories is very labor intensive. This requires many laborers since each tag must be located and then scanned. Only has the ability to read items. Changes require printing a new label and replacing the old one. Easily damaged or removed; cannot be read if dirty or greasy. Much easier to reproduce or counterfeit.

  • Increased Sales and higher margins (Retail businesses using RFID inventory system typically experience a 4%-20% increase in sales per location.)
  • Reduced need for on-hand stock allowing for greater working capital. (Estimates show Vendors can hold 10-20% less stock on-hand to meet the same demands)
  • Decreased inventory management RFID shrink (order discrepancies, theft, etc.)
  • Reduced Auditing Costs/General Labor Costs. (Often companies hire outside auditers which typically cost $3,000-$30,000 per location per year.)
  • Avoid Overstocking and Under-stocking
  • Better data for forecasting and analysis
  • Automation of order verification (in/out)
  • Complete supply chain trace-ability
  • Space Efficiency (Reducing the number of SKUs per square foot by 10%-50% deploying thinner stocks and replenishing more frequently.)
  • Reduction in Lost Sales

Our goal at simple RFID is to provide all of the essential tools to allow you and your customers to begin benefiting from RFID. We strive to offer a simple, RFID inventory solutions which allows users to be up and running in just a few hours and requires little training to begin using. We would love to talk with you and discuss about RFID inventory system cost & how we can help you with your goal of using RFID inventory management system.

Benefits of simple RFID

  • Verify purchase orders accuracy in seconds

  • Shorten audit times to minutes

  • Perform weekly audits

  • Instantly verify each outbound order’s accuracy

  • Immediately sync your inventory to your ecommerce platform

  • Make better buying and selling decisions based on real-time data

  • Locate lost items

Learn what our clients think.

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Bill Woahn

Bill Woahn


"We found about a 30-40% increase in revenues."

Tracey Paz

Tracey Paz

Inventory Manager

"I would definitely recommend Simple RFID to any other business, especially one thats just starting off."

Jess Phillips

Jess Phillips


"We went from doing 14 day hand counts to now I can count over 50,000 products in about 40 minutes."

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