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About our Inventory Management Software

Simple RFID’s inventory management software allows you to track your inventory from creation to sale. Instead of tracking the “idea” of your item by simply typing in a “1” for every item you have into a system, you can track every single actual item without any manual input. Since RFID tags are all serialized, every single item has a unique name that is collected either from a hand-held reader or a fixed reader and is automatically recorded in our software. This removes any chance for human error in your inventory counts. A single hand held RFID reader can read thousands of tags per second which makes full audits possible daily. This means that you can have complete insight to your inventory and never have to worry about under or over stocking items. You can also verify every order’s accuracy so that you don’t lose money on inaccurate orders. If you have a storefront, RFID can also be used as anti-theft in a similar way that traditional anti-theft setups work. The difference is that it is more accurate and does not require additional tags on the items. Simple RFID’s inventory tracking system is meant to help you save as much time and money as possible while giving you information that allows you to grow your business and make more money.

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Save Money

Stop losing money on order errors with our order verification system.

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Stop wasting time counting items one by one.

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Use real time data to grow your business even more.