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What is RFID?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification and is technology which facilitates rapid, wireless, collection and transmission of product data. Unlike Barcodes and QR Codes which are counted one-at-a-time, RFID collects and transmits 100’s of items per-second, without the need to “see” the product.
RFID labels appear to be a typical sticker at first glance, however embedded inside each tag is a small microchip and antenna called an “inlay.”  As the tag is being printed, the microchip is programmed. It’s this inlay which allows the tags to be identified and counted, even while inside boxes!

How much is poor inventory management really costing you?  

  • When you receive Purchase Orders, are you confident that they are 100% accurate?  How much time do you spend counting these new items to ensure that you have received everything?
  • How often do you audit your inventory?  Do you find discrepancies between physical inventory counts and what your software displays?
  • What do audits cost you in labor, disruption of sales, and happiness of your employees?  How much value do you really receive from these audits?
  • Would you like to be able to count your entire inventory at over 99% accuracy in minutes?
  • How would this accurate real-time data influence your buying and selling decisions?
  • Do you currently know the age of each item in your inventory, the expiry of each item, or the exact cost of your inventory on-hand?
  • How often are you unable to find an “in-stock” item, when a customer is wishing to purchase it, only to lose the sale?
  • How often do you have customers notify you that their Online Order was filled incorrectly?  How much do these fulfillment errors cost your business?
  • Do you sell your product on multiple platforms simultaneously?  How are you confident that your inventory in these software systems is accurate?  

Simple RFID, the missing piece to your software ecosystem.

Simple RFID can easily integrate with your other software platforms including eCommerce, Point of Sale, Accounting, and ERP, providing a seamless end-to-end RFID tool-set.  These points include:

Product Creation – Simple RFID automatically copies products entered into another system into Simple RFID.

Purchase Orders – Simple RFID automatically copies Purchase Orders entered into another system, generating print jobs for new orders.  As tagged Purchase Orders arrive they are automatically confirmed for accuracy at the serial number level, and the partner system can be automatically updated.

Print/Encode RFID Labels – Via our private network users are able to print and encode RFID labels with the touch of a button, or can submit the Print Job to our Printing Services where we encode, print, and ship the labels wherever you need.

Transfers – Simple RFID automatically copies Transfers from a partner system, allowing you to verify your product movement to both external locations, as well as  internal silos.  The partner system status can then automatically be updated.

eOrders – Simple RFID copies Online Orders from a partner system, allowing you to verify the accuracy of each order, without the need to open a package to inspect it’s contents!

Inventory – Simple RFID allows you to rapidly collect inventory data via hand-held readers paired with our Android or iOS App, or a variety of fixed readers.

This fresh inventory data generated is then compared against your other inventory system to identify inflated and deflated points.  Then, easily sync rectified quantities  for fresh, accurate “live” inventory.

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